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The technology Perceptive Medical is developing comes from the University of California, Irvine. The inventors have done an incredible amount of work validating their concept and showing the clinical impact of this approach.  


The studies below were all performed & published by the UCI inventors and their collaborators.

Highlighted Studies

Journal of Clinical Monitoring & Computing 2023

In patients admitted to the ICU after high-risk abdominal surgery, closed-loop control of norepinephrine infusion better maintained a MAP target of 80 to 90 mmHg and significantly decreased postoperative hypotensive when compared to manual norepinephrine titration.

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Anesthesia & Analgesia May 2022

In a randomized trial of post-cardiac surgery patients, closed-loop vasopressor titration reduced hypotension time (defined as MAP < 65 mmHg) by 90% compared to the standard of care.

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Anesthesiology August 2021

In this study of high-risk operating room patients, use of the prototype closed-loop vasopressor system alongside individual goal-directed fluid therapy reduced hypotension time by 95% compared to the typical standard of care and increased cardiac output with decreased overall vasopressor use.

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British Journal of Anesthesia Jan 2021

The first human randomized controlled prospective trial using the prototype closed-loop vasopressor system in moderate to high-risk surgery patients showed a 90% reduction in hypotension time compared to the standard of care control group (measured as change from patient baseline) and a 95% reduction in time with a MAP of less than 65.  

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